Road Support & First Aid

Thanks to the many bike shop sponsors we have working mechanical support on the road!

Non-medical issues: call the rider hotline on the cue sheet you’ll receive on ride day.

  • Bicycle Express out of Northfield, VT provides our lead mechanics with 2 vehicles on course starting with 100 mile cyclists and services cyclists on the entire course.
  • Paradise Sports, our neighbors in Windsor, VT provide mechanics to ride with the 25 mile riders from start to finish and also work the last rest stop on the Brownsville Hartland Rd!
  • Onion River Sports will be on site at the 1st rest stop for 100 mile bike riders. 


In case of an emergency!

Contact local emergency response officials at 911. Use your cue sheet to specify your location. EMTs, bike mechanics, and other on-road support will be available. Please contact the rider hotline, using the number on your cue sheet, to request assistance or report an incident. We will have a mechanic on the course for each ride as well. However, please be responsible for yourself and bring with you everything you need to complete the ride.

Suggested list of items to bring: 

  • 2 spare tires/tubes
  • Frame pump
  • Portable multi-tool
  • Money License and credit card
  • Cell phone
  • 2 full water bottles
  • 2-3 energy bars and/or gel packets
  • Salt tablets (for longer rides)


The Green Mountain Bike Patrol  also rides with mountain bike riders to help with any EMS issues or small mechanical issues.