Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery

We started the Harpoon Brewery in 1986 because—like today—we loved beer and wanted more quality choices.  

There was only one problem: We were beer lovers, not brewers. We knew what we wanted to drink, but we needed some help actually brewing it. So we enlisted our first brewer, took over some warehouse space on the Boston waterfront, and began introducing fresh, local craft beer to Boston drinkers. We tried to do it in a way that captured the spirit of fun that had brought us to beer in the first place. From that warehouse, surrounded by fish companies on the docks of South Boston (neighboring what is now the Seaport District), we couldn’t imagine that craft brewing would become what it has today.  

We still remember our days on the other side of the bar, and have spent as much time spreading the joy of beer drinking as we have focusing on recipes, ingredients, and brewing equipment. Hopefully our sense of gratitude is reflected in both the quality of the beer and the spirit of fun and enjoyment surrounding our beer and breweries. In August of 2014 we became and employee-owned company – we are so proud to remain independent!

Our beer styles were created to provide you, our beer-drinking friends, with fresh, fun and interesting choices. We draw on numerous brewing traditions to make our beers, but we always add our own “interpretation” of how the styles can be best matched to our – and your - tastes.



We invite all of you to visit our Boston brewery, where it all began, and our beautiful brewery in Windsor, Vermont.

For more info: www.harpoonbrewery.com. We look forward to having a beer with you soon!



HARPOON HELPSHarpoon Brewery

Since the beginning, Harpoon has strived to be a good neighbor. In 2003, Harpoon Helps was created to organize Harpoon’s charitable work under one name. Harpoon Helps was born as the philanthropic arm of the Harpoon Brewery. Our mission is to support local charities throughout New England with donations of fresh Harpoon beer and volunteer hours, and by raising thousands of dollars through Harpoon events to aid their
efforts. Each year Harpoon donates thousands of dollars in merchandise
and many barrels of beer to New England charities.

Visit www.harpoonhelps.com to learn more!